The Tulsa Garden Railroad Club

invites you to Tulsa in 2017

Modeling Contest

Competitive events for all models: All entries will be judged by designated NGRC contest rules committee and by the public. All models shall be judged separately in each classification and category.

Scale is large garden size, scale( 1:32, 1:29, 1:22, 1:20, etc.)


Scratch Built: This class is intended for models built largely from basic or scratch materials. No more than 50% of material can be commercially manufactured items.

Kit Built: This classification is intended for models comprised of more than 50% kit or largely commercial parts to allow them to compete with similarly built models rather than typically higher scoring scratch built models.

Machine Built: This class is intended for models primarily built using 3d printing, laser cutting and other computer methods. This does not preclude parts of other categories being made by machine.


Structures: This category is intended for all individual structures or buildings. These include bridges, towers and/or out-buildings.

Locomotives: All types of powered locomotives, electric, battery or steam. Locomotives must be operational. This category is intended for all self-powered rail movers that include typical locomotives, rail busses and street cars.

Rolling Stock: All types of freight revenue carrying cars, passenger cars, rail maintenance cars and cabooses.

I you are entering a model in the contest, you shall be a paid registered convention person and owner of the work being presented. Model registration forms are available on website. Models may be brought to the Exhibit Hall starting on Wednesday Afternoon. All models will be displayed in a separate room from the main convention hall and should be in place before the convention opens to the public. You must have your filled out contest entry forms with you when bringing your model to the Exhibit Hall. Every attendee at the convention, including exhibitors, vendors and the paying public will be given one contest ballot each to fill out and submit by 2 p.m. Saturday. All models must be removed from the exhibit hall by 4 p.m. Saturday, after which the ballots will be counted. The winners of each category will be announced at the Banquet Saturday evening.

Rules for the Model Contest

•All models must be "G" gauge (Scaled for Outside Gardens) and may not have won in the same category entered in a previous NGRC Model Contest.

•The owner/entrant must have done the majority of the modeling work themselves.

•A brief description of your model, photos of the prototype and the work you've done may be displayed with the model but we ask that the model remain anonymous with no reference to the model builder.

•Our experienced Model Contest Coordinator has the final say into which category the model will be entered, and we reserve the right to combine, change, add, or otherwise modify categories to fit the quantity of models entered into the contest.

•The entrant agrees to release Tulsa Garden Railroad Club, NGRC, Hotels and Volunteer personnel from any liability due to damage or loss of the entry.

Entry Form

Download the PDF entry form.