The Tulsa Garden Railroad Club

invites you to Tulsa in 2017


Nancy Norris

Kenneth Gleba began playing in the Garden Rail Road hobby back in 1988 after visiting the LGB campus in Nuremberg, Germany. He is one of the founding fathers of The Tulsa In Garden Rail Road Club was formed in 1998. His passion is to retain my system in the time frame of 1990's Germany. All his engines, rolling stock and building are German, as well as the people. The automobiles and trucks are all European brands. He most enjoys taking a building kit and dressing it up with people, landscaping, lights, flowers boxes etc. to make it look livable. His clinic, "How to Begin A Garden Railroad" is a lecture that covers choosing the location, power, track plans, construction, train controls, buildings, landscaping and general maintenance.

Building and Landscaping Elevated/Benchwork RR Wed 4:00

A slideshow and discussion about styles and plant choices.

Design Your Miniature Garden in the Railway Sat 2:00

A slideshow on how to use Nancy's book and other resources for RR design.

Hands-On Pruning of Scale Trees Wed 3:00

In this clinic participants will get hands-on training with live plants.